Search Engine Optimizations - Web Site Promotion

Looking to maximize your web site's visibility for both the human eye and the search engine spiders?

Eye If the human eye doesn't like your site, if it has difficulties in finding the content or if the navigation is confusing, then it doesn't matter at all what you have to offer because it won't get seen. Your visitors exit is just a mouse click away.

Search engines It's exactly the same with the search engines, the only difference is that the search engine spiders have different criterias compared with the eye. And their exits may be even faster than a mouse click!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't a one-time effort. The variables that influence search visibility and rankings are constantly changing. Search engines update their rules. Competitors constantly optimize their pages to improve their rankings, and new players enter the field.

We work with the site from both the eyes and the spiders point of view. This is a much better way than pay per click month after month, and organic made pages are also the first choice when someone has to choose between a paid or organic (unpaid) advert. The ranking of a web page within a search engine can be severely harmed with problematic web design methods. If any of these issues exist in your web site, we will find them.

The basics, step by step, as we do it

  • Analyze the site for the eye with different browsers, connections, screens and resolutions.
  • Analyze the site for the spiders, HTML, XHTML and CSS code, meta tags, keywords density etc.
  • Optimize the site for the spiders. Some spiders has queues for more than 6 months, so it's important to do this as soon as possible.
  • Generate and upload site maps, feeds and other essential files (html, xml, ror, txt etc.).
  • Submit to relevant directories - how many and which? That will depend on the business, target area and the languages on the site.
  • Submit the site to those search engines that require submission.
  • Optimize the site for the human eye.
  • Monitor the traffic and analyze the result of the work.
  • Follow up. How often depends on your business and your ambition.
  • Translate the site to more languages.
  • Construction of entry pages, especially for languages not supported on site.
  • E-zines and newsletters.
  • Targeted E-mail campaigns (not spam).
  • Link building, one- two- and 3 way links, banner exchange.
  • Social media marketing.

These are just some examples, the list could be much longer. You can do it yourself, if you have the time and the skills, or you can let us do it for you. Your location does not matter, the Internet is global. Remember this: Research shows that surfers only view the first three pages of results displayed when searching for a product or a service. If you aren't there, then you are not visible enough!