Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing can be everything from good-looking business cards, a sign in your window and nice menus in your restaurant to a massive campaign on radio, just to mention a few. Our speciality is web marketing, but we also help our clients with much more. It could be that what you need is a new and fresh approach, maybe with a new logotype?

Co-operation partners

A presentation of some of our partners

Svenska Magasinet

Svenska Magasinet was founded in 1990 and has since been one of the leading magazines for Swedes and Scandinavians who live and visit southern Spain. It is distributed monthly to over 350 locations on the Costa del Sol. The magazine keeps its readers updated with local news, economy, sightseeing, golf, health, sport, tourist hotspots and much more. Their web page provides daily updates and news.


Spañien Magasinet is a magazine in Sweden about visiting and living in Spain. It is a quarterly magazine about the dream of Spain, sold at news-stands all across Sweden. The magazine is filled with articles about destinations, dreams and tourism, but also useful reading about taxes, law, and about buying a house. Unsold issues are distributed on "Buy a House Abroad", expos in Sweden and on flights to Spain.

Norske Magasinet

Det Norske Magasinet is the only monthly magazine for Norwegians living or visiting the Costa del Sol. In the magazine you can find information about events, news, politics, business and a lot more. The articles are about health, food and travel, just to mention some of their topics. The distribution area is from Almuñecar to Gibraltar.

La Danesa

La Danesa is a monthly magazine for Danes on the Costa del Sol. It is a magazine for all people, both retired and those who are actively in work. In the magazine you will find articles and information about all aspects regarding living or visiting Spain. It is distributed from Almuñecar to Gibraltar.

En Sueco

En Sueco, (meaning In Swedish) is a monthly magazine for Swedes living on the Costa del Sol. It is also a valuable source of information for visitors and holiday makers. The articles are about news, business, health, different parts of Spain and much more. The distribution area is from Almuñecar to Gibraltar.

The Finnish newspaper,, comes out every Friday during September to May. In the summer time it is a monthly paper. Despite the name, it is distributed to 150 places from Nerja to Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The June issue is always a mega issue; then 40.000 copies are printed of which 30.000 copies go directly to Finland.