Puerto Banús - Marbella

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banús is a marina near Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia in southern Spain. It is known for its nearby beaches and luxurious night life. This fantastic marina is one of Europe's most exclusive harbours, lined with bars, restaurants, cafés and exclusive shops. If you are famous, then watch out for the Paparazzi's. If you breathe glamour, or are just fabulous, they'll come for you, (don't forget to bring your own camera)! Every leisure activity is possible in the enjoyable life of Puerto Banús, not only for the rich and famous but also for tourists from all over the world.

Nice parking space for the bike

Harley Davidson on the deck

Some of the yachts have vehicles of different types, this is an Harley Davidson parked on the deck. Other loads on boats include cars, speedboats, jet skis or other toys. I've even seen relatively large sail boats on deck.
Photo: Mikael Backlund.